Battle Of The Bulge

Posted: May 21, 2009 in Bubba, Chief, Just Me, Spazz
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I already posted about how my hips are in constant danger of expantion because Chief is a 5 star.. well reknown chef.

NOTE: Interesting fact, I am good friends with a guy who is in a business partnership with another guy who owns a famous racehorse… one that won two out of the three races in the triple crown. After the horses win, the owner gave a huge.. mega bucks party. Guess who was the chef that night?

Although a hazard, I am old enough and mature enough to make my food choices. The kids aren’t.

Remember the 4 cases of soda the Crack Whore brought over ON MONDAY? Half of it is already gone and the majority of it was due to Spaz.

So we had a talk with him last night. That was the end of the soda. He’s not equipt :: at least right now :: to make the correct choices so it is up to us to help him learn to make them.

That means no more snatching and grabbing from the store.. extra cheese on ANYTHING.. cake for breakfast..

You get the idea.

The problem is the store.

Before we openned, Chief would NEVER allow soda in the house except MAYBE once in a blue moon when he ordered take out. And that didn’t happen often.

I remember when we first met, he was working an event at night and I told him that I would go to the house and make dinner for the boys. I was running late so I called to tell them what time I would be arriving and Bubba asked me if I could bring a bottle of Ginger Ale over.

That caused a dilemna becaue I knew he didn’t allow them to have it but yknow.. I was the new girlfriend and I wanted them to like me.

I did buy it.. but because I couldn’t get Chief on the phone I kept it in my car until he came home.

The kids didn’t have free access to candy, ice cream, junk food.. and Chief wasn’t the father that would constantly buy it for him

Now it’s different and because he can’t keep his eyes on them all the time, they stuff their pockets with all kinds of stuff.

If they were SMART, mind you, they would get rid of the evidence but they’re not so I am usually able to bust them whenever I do the wash!

Bubba isn’t so much of a problem because he is getting taller :: omg how tall he is getting :: but he also walks all over with his swarm of friends.. every day.. all the time.

Spaz isn’t active at all.. in fact, I kind of expected a call from the school nurse this morning because today was gym day and his current weight makes it very laborsome for him to be active. Plus, he gets made fun of and his defense mechanism is to fake an injury and be sent to the nurse.

So it’s a double edge sword.

My plan though is to get him to walk the dogs with me… he may not want to, but if I tell him that my knee is really bothering :: and no, I didn’t get it checked yet and yes, it is getting worse :: then he’ll do it.

He’ll benefit from it.. I’ll benefit from it and so will the dogs so it seems like a good plan.

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