Philosophy: Not Just the Skin Care Line I Use

Posted: May 20, 2009 in Friends, Just Me
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It takes all kinds, yknow? The beauty of this world.. of the human race is that there are a million shades of grey.

Very few things are truly black or white and what a painfully boring world it would be it were.

Through this blog, I got to know a beautiful :: inside and out :: woman named Auroracoda. Her voice came at a time that I needed to hear it and subsequently my life became better. We exchanged personal emails, found that we were very similar in an almost spooky way and I enjoyed reading her thoughts as much as she enjoyed reading my musings.

Very articulate, Auroracoda is..

Anyway.. I was actually thinking about her alot lately. There’s things going on in her life that I’m sure can be quite taxing and she had mentioned in one of her posts that her presence on the internet may be sporatic. Unfortunately, my free time has been really non-existant lately so I wasn’t able to email her or even call.

Last night, after harvesting my cabbage in FarmTown, I was able to upload some posts and saw that Aurora had posted.. so I bounced over and read another incredibly insightful post. I entered a comment and scrolled down to find the post that she had written about THIS blog. :: I wanted to lift the picture of the tee-shirt! Ok, I’m Bad. I admit it :: I noticed that there were 6 comments so curiosity getting the best of this cat, I jumped over to read them.

Let me just say this now…

There is nothing that I can’t stand more then a person who is condescending, dismissive and who is under the assumption that they are intellectually superior and THEIR views are the only RIGHT views.

A :: I’m assuming regular:: reader of Auroracoda’s blog commented that they would not read my blog because of my post regarding gay marriage. I think what she actually said was “… someone who writes things like [this post] isn’t really writing a blog I’m interested in reading.

Fair enough. Her’s isn’t one I’m interested in reading either. No Harm.. No Foul.. it’s a big Blog-O-Sphere out there.. not everything is going to float everyone’s boat in a sea of Kool-Aid.

What I found highly insulting is her SECOND comment on the post. Bear with me and allow me to disect. I was SO not in the mindframe to do it last night:

.. she ws just wrong about the causes of homosexuality – and an author who doesn’t bother to research a bit before giving out their uniformed opinion isn’t one I want to read – ’cause how will I know when they’re giving out good information or not?

Honestly, the chick gives me WAY too much credit. This blog is about my thoughts, opinions, views, blah, blah, blah.. I’m not here to educate the masses for Christ’s sake. :: Oh, but wait.. then she’ll say that I’m being irresponsible, huh? :: Whatever << insert smirky eye roll here >>

… her beliefs inform her actions – and I’m still really fracking pissed off about Prop 8. I detest people who believe how thier religion defines marriage should be what is in secular law. Quotes like this: Do I belive in gay marriage? No. I do not. I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. That is how it is explained in the dictionary and that is how it is doctrined (sic) in the Bible. infurate me.

I really did laugh at this one. Chick has ALOT of anger doesn’t she? Wow.


So let’s clarify a few things here. My beliefs do not dictate my actions :: although I do my best NOT to break any of the Commandments and that I do my best to love the sinner but hate the sin. So shoot me ::. Am I standing with a bunch of protestors? Nope. Am I in your face about it? Nope. The problem I find here is that this chick is lumping me with other.. more vocal.. more deomonstrative opposers of gay marriage.

And please don’t assume that I live my life singing, “… cuz the Bible tells me so”. I may be guilty of thinking faster then I can type but :: and please don’t take this as an apology :: I was only pointing out how marriage is defined in both the Dictionary and the Bible.

While there ARE people who wish that their religious views were secular law.. I’m not one of them.


Just because I do not .. personally .. believe in Gay Marriage I did NOT say that they shouldn’t be able to.

In fact.. I didn’t even say that they should be able to adopt or foster or surrogate.

So really.. what is it that is SO infuriating? What is actually touching her raw nerve because it is obviously deeper seated. She may have read the post but I think you pre-judged it from the start when you realized that my views did not meet hers.

… her overall argument – particularly in the last half – was just poor. As a philosophy TA, I wouldn’t give a freshman in Philosophy 101 a passing mark with such an argument.

Do you see what I’m saying? Girlfriend :: in the most ghetto sense of the word :: just has issues.

She is referring to a conversation I had with one of my gay friends. Did you pick up that word? C-O-N-V-E-R-S-A-T-I-O-N?  I wasn’t trying to “argue” my point.. I was trying to understand his since I am NOT :: the last time I checked :: a homosexual man who has experienced what he has.

What is even more scary is that fact that she’s a Philosophy TA because for all the condemnation she doled out, me thinks she may be forgetting what philosophy is:


  • Love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline.
  • Investigation of the nature, causes, or principles of reality, knowledge, or values, based on logical reasoning rather than empirical methods.
  • A system of thought based on or involving such inquiry
  • The critical analysis of fundamental assumptions or beliefs.
  • The disciplines presented in university curriculums of science and the liberal arts, except medicine, law, and theology.
  • The discipline comprising logic, ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, and epistemology.
  • A set of ideas or beliefs relating to a particular field or activity; an underlying theory
  • A system of values by which one lives

Funny that she didn’t comment on the rights of ALL significant others and partners for life :: hetero or homo :: to be insured.

With all that said.. and believe me, that’s the only credence I’m going to give it.. the thought popped into my head that maybe that post.. or other’s .. are the reason why Auroracoda is keeping some distance. She did come to my defense, which I greatly appreciate even though there are aspects of our views that do not coincide.

If it is, there really isn’t much I can do except accept the fact that yknow.. it is what it is… and I wish her, her fiance and their life together to be nothing less then everything she hopes it to be.

  1. The Goober says:

    Very cool. But is Auroracoda a hairy mexican woman?

  2. Leese says:

    No.. No.. not even close. She’s gorgeous in a Juilianne Moore kinda way …

    She’s taken though .. so get those nasty little Italian man thoughts out of your head!! LOL

  3. auroracoda says:

    And in no way has she gone anywhere or distanced herself from Leese! :)

    I was going to write last night but honestly the pain was just too much.

    Let me break it down for ya…

    First, there was a scare off and on last week that Bear might not be able to come. His work is playing hard ball and he was playing it back. We were unsure what the out come was…but it found out yesterday that all is well and all is well and all manner of things are well.

    The ex’s family are still living in the house and while they are being good and helpful it’s still a pain in the arse to have a private conversation when to get to the bathroom they have to go through my bedroom and they don’t knock before coming in. I’ve been regulated to my car for phone conversations.

    Which leads to me pulling muscles in my back and neck and being in severe pain all weekend.

    Which lead to me having a shitty and in pain birthday on Monday.

    Which lead to me missing a day of work on tuesday.

    Which then lead to me going to see my chiropractor and actually start feeling better again.

    Until this morning….

    When I was rear ended by a kid who mistook his gas pedal for his brake pedal and nailed me at about 30mph….while I was at a dead stop.

    And did I mention that my mother has been really laying on the nastiness and guilt?

    Bleck…so many other things going on to create extra drama that I don’t want to post here…but I promise to write you a nice long juicy email either tonight or tomorrow morning (I’m taking off from work…I know the pain will be worse by then).

    Either way…I haven’t gone anywhere. And you’ve been in my thoughts as well. Talk to ya soon! >:D<

    • Leese says:

      I so know what you mean… I’ve been exhausted lately.. doing way to much with no time to do it…
      That’s the bitch about getting old… you need WAY more sleep then in your youth!!!

      I honestly don’t even have the energy to reply to comments… thank GOD I write my posts at work… if I didn’t, there’d be cobwebs all over this damn site!! LOL!!

      Thankfully, the weekend is coming so ::heh:: things should slow down a little but regardless, I’ll make sure I email you tomorrow!

  4. auroracoda says:

    PS: I love the new website…I actually almost picked this one myself! :P Copy cat.

  5. The Goober says:

    Nasty???? Don’t you mean LUSTY Italian man thoughts?


    oh – and I am buy-sexual.

    You buy me something – I get all sexual.

  6. auroracoda says:

    And I never got a chance…or rather I never could stomach sitting in front of my computer this past weekend…to write you that promised email!


    I’m sorry Leese! The pain actually got pretty bad this weekend, I was out on Friday, Monday (obviously) and Tuesday. It’s a little better today….HOWEVER….

    They put me in a smaller version of the car that hit me…a KIA Rondo…crappiest piece of crap that ever crapped into existence. I hate this car. It’s incredibly roomy and incredibly uncomfortable to drive. At least for someone with a hurt back, shoulder and neck it is.

    So, hopefully I won’t be in too much pain tonight when I get home and I can write that email to you. Take care until then!

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