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Despite all the Weed drama … today was a really good day.

Nothing really changed except the way I reacted to things and I have to say… I’ve probably haven’t felt this much inner peace in a long, long time.

In between the Weed-Calls this morning, I had explained to Chief the thoughts and feelings that I posted about last night. It made me feel better to tell him.. it also made me feel better that he knew that I had been seriously contemplating ending our relationship.

He didn’t say much… and I really didn’t expect him too.. but I know he was listening and that’s what was the most important.

When we came home from the shop, he started making breakfast :: well, brunch by that time :: and as soon as we walked in, the boys started bickering about the PS3.

Who was on it longer.. who’s turn it was.. the same blah, blah, blah.

So I told them that if it comes down to having them only playing games with timed matches then that’s what’s going to happen because there’s no reason to keep fighting over that nonsense.

That settled them down for a little bit until there was an issue with one particular disc.

NOTE: If anyone out there has experienced this, let me know because I’m stumped and the Game Stop people are stumped. The Call of Duty 4 disc is operational ONLY until you try to find a match online. Then it just says it’s downloading the game settings and there appears to be a grey, vertical bar on the side of the screen. I cleaned the disc and put it into the PS3 in my bedroom and it worked fine.. so obviously it’s not the disc and all the other games work so I’m clueless.

Bubba then asked me if we could swap out PS3’s because he wanted to play COD4 and I said absolutely not. I’m not going to risk something happening to me and Chief’s PS3. He kept on baggering.. asking his infamous “Whhhyyy” until Chief snapped out on him.

When Bubba doesn’t get what he wants, he gets this “Oh, Woe Is Me” attitude and Eoyore Oh-Pooh-I-Lost-My-Tail look. He’s miserable and hell bent on making everybody else miserable until they cave.

I wasn’t caving.. and neither was Chief.. so Bubba said he was going out. “In the rain??” Chief asked. “Yep”, Bubba responded.

“Have fun with that” was Cheif’s response.

As he was walking out the door, Chief told him that he needed to grow up. That just because he couldn’t get his way ALL the time.. just because he is forced to be fair when having to share with Spaz isn’t punishing anyone but himself.


I wasn’t going to let this kid ruin my day and he didn’t… me and Chief cuddled together and watched a movie.. I fell asleep for a while.. and when I woke up he already had dinner on. He told me not to worry about the dishes because today was my day off and he didn’t want me doing anything.

So I didn’t.

He did clean up the kitchen after brunch but there’s still things to take care of from dinner.. but I’m not going to worry about it now. I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to spend more cuddle time with my man.

The dishes can wait.

.. so here we go.

Even though the shop is closed on Sundays, Chief and I still had to go to the wholesalers and give the store a good scrub down. It’s turning into a routine but I have a phobia about the cleanliness of stores selling food so it’s really not a big deal.

Anyway.. so we’re at the store and the phone rings. This is about 9am. This is like the 4th or 5th Sunday that we haven’t been openned so the majority of our customers know we’re closed so I asked Chief if he was going to answer it.

He shrugged and did.

It was Weed.

I only heard Chief’s side of the conversation so it wasn’t until he hung up that he told me that Weed had been arrested and he was at the borough’s holding cell.

I asked him what he got arrested for and he said that Weed told him he “.. wasn’t doing anything. Just walking behind the school.”

Mind you.. this kid has a reputation so even though it’s not UNUSUAL for the police to approach him, there wouldn’t be a reason to haul him in if all he was doing was “walking behind the school.”

Chief told him that he wasn’t coming clean but Weed held onto his story. So Chief said that if that’s all it was then there was nothing to worry about, right?

But he told him he’d call the Crack Whore anyway.

He calls her but either the phone was turned off or she was too wasted to hear it because all he got was her voice mail.

He doesn’t leave a message.. but then that’s a trait that they all seem to have.. Weed also, apparently, because if he called her number and left a message then he wouldn’t have had to call Chief, right?

Chief said that he was whiny and sobby and asked me if I wanted to take a ride up there.

I was like, “Where?” .. thinking that I somehow missed another conversation he was having that WASN’T about Weed being arrested.

He said up to the jail and I was like “FUCK NO” .. using the same tone I would use if someone offered an all expense paid sex change operation.

As soon as the words hit the air, I realized that it sounded a little harsher then I intend so I told him that if he wanted to go.. if he thought that that was the best thing to do then I’d stay at the store and take care of what needed to be taken care of and he can go up there.

He said, “Nope. You’re right. Let him sit in there.”

NOTE: Just for the record let me state that even though everything that Weed has done for the last year has caused us nothing but grief and suffering and complications, I can understand the “father” side of Chief wanting to go to the jail.

So we get down to business and about a half hour later the phone rings again.. and it’s Weed. Again.

This time Chief is alot firmer with telling him that he isn’t going to do anything to help him out of the situation he was in. Especially since Weed told him that he was being held on 20,000.oo bail.

20,000.00 is a WHOLE HELL of A LOT of money for just walking on school property, dontcha’ think?

He told him that he needed to sit in there and hopefully learn a lesson.. it’s not like he’s going to lose a job or anything! .. because obviously continuing to do what he’s doing and hanging around who he’s hanging around isn’t getting him very far.

When he came back into the kitchen and told me about the phone call, I told him that I didn’t want him to think that I didn’t have a heart for this kid.. I do.. but I also told him that again, I believe that people get away with what other’s overlook.

The Crack Whore was able to come up with a grand that last time he was arrested :: in March :: but like Chief said, he doubts she’ll be able to come up with another two thousand. The wells have all been tapped and the best thing FOR him would be to LEAVE him.

He’s not a kid anymore.. he just turned 2o.. and if he keeps gettingĀ  bailed then he isn’t learning the lesson and he’ll just keep doing what he’s been doing which is going to lead into something a lot worse.

Chief knew where I was coming from and agreed with me.

I said to him, “… funny what a wave can do.”

He looked at me weird and I told him that last week sometime he saw Weed on the corner. Weed waved and Chief waved back. Innocent, right?

Next think you know is Weed’s popping up at the store wanting to take a shower at our house and then he calls when he gets arrested again.

Chief made a noise out of his throat and went back to doing what he was doing.

Earlier in the evening, I checked online to see if there was any public record posted about Weed’s arrest.

NOTE: In our state, you can look up arrest records and court dockets and stuff online.

I didn’t know whether or not there would be something because it’s a Sunday but sure enough there was.

Wanna know what Weed REALLY did go get arrested?

  • Intent to sell
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Possession of Drug Paraphanelia
  • Criminal Trespassing
  • Corruption of a Minor

Just you’re usual walk in the park, huh?

The Crack Whore never did call… so either she doesn’t know about it OR she’s still to fucked up to dial the phone. Forget about text messaging.. most of the time she’s so blitz she needs three hints to spell her three-lettered name.

I’m sure it’ll be blazing tomorrow… I’m sure Chief is going to get an earful for not helping his son.. so much that he’ll turn the phone off.

What SHE doesn’t get is that he IS helping his son.. she isn’t.

I’ll keep you posted.