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Posted: April 29, 2009 in Just Stuff
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Ok.. Rock of Love and Bret Michaels’ tv seasonal quest for true love is my dirty little secret.

Bret himself is like a train wreck. I mean, not for nothing but I can sorta understand the hair extensions for someone who was known for his long flowing locks back in the 80’s.

Hey, we all get older but as much as I think Jon Bon Jovi is a joke :: and don’t believe the hype, a nasty person. That from personal experience mind you :: at least he has come to terms with his age and hair.

I can even ALMOST put up with his eyeliner.. I understand all about television and lights and having to use makeup to avoid being washed out on camera.

But the EYESHADOW? I mean… EYESHADOW. And very NOTICEABLE eyeshadow. Not something to give definition or for the camera.

This was BROWN SHIMMERY EYESHADOW. Like the kind I wear.

I mean.. come on. Really? Say it ain’t so!

Anyway.. so for the finale, Bret had to choose between Mindy and Taya.

Mindy is a home town gal with a rocking body and a little bit of a devil to her… baptized in muddy water if you will.

NOTE: That’s a line from Toby Keith’s “God Love Her”. Love it.

Taya is :: let us not forget after being told a million times :: a Penthouse Pet of the Year, a singer, a stripper :: oops sorry, “feature” dancer :: and to me, the incarnation of Scarlet O’Hara.

Bret picked Taya. Of course. I mean, come on. Did anyone NOT see that coming? But I think Mindy would have been a better choice.

According to Bret, his problem with Mindy is that she would get into funks and wasn’t a very good communicator.

I think he only got the surface and he needs to go back and watch the shows to really find out what was going on.

Come on Ladies.. you all know how it feels to like someone who likes someone else.

Anyway.. I don’t anticipate Bret being with Taya for long. Especially because this is just about the only think Bret has going for him and I’m sure he’ll put out another album by next season!

Sorry, but I’m definately TEAM MINDY on this one!

  1. Hamiltev says:

    Ya I agree.
    Cuz everyone knows that Bret chooses his ladies based on their superior communication skills, lols.
    What did Bon Jovi do that was so mean???

  2. Leese says:

    Hey Hamiltev..
    Thanks so much for commenting! I really appreciate it!

    Ok.. so about Bon Jovi.

    In case you haven’t read anything else on this blog, I try to remain as vague and anonymous and I can to protect the innocent :: !! :: so I apologize in advance for not being as detailed as I can.

    At any rate.. I had the opportunity to be involved in a charity project that HE brought to the table and wanted his name all over. This was more then just a free concert or visiting sick kid thing. This took a lot of manuevering with several different organizations and required alot of “pork” promises. I would say that over 100 people were involved and even more volunteers.

    During initial meetings, he was all amped and “yeah! yeah! yeah!” He’s going to do this, he’s going to do that, he’s going to provide x-y-and z.

    He never delivered AND not only didn’t he deliver when he happened to get around to showing his face in person he was mean, nasty.. hostile at times to people who put aside their time to help out. The only time he WAS nice was went there was a photographer around or a camera. But right after anything that could be captured on film or audio was gone, he’d revert right back to being Holier then Thou.

    Very little impresses me.. and “famous” people impress me even less so after incident after incident after incident of people being left with a bad taste in their mouths on how he treated them, I called him out on it.

    “Yo Bucky… what the fuck, dude?” .. we had a little verbal exchange that was probably more unpleasant on his part then mine because I do have a knack of verbally chopping someone at the knees.

    He refused to have anything else to do with the project and the people volunteering but it worked out.. a few calls were made.. others more appreciative of what was going on and what was trying to be accomplished and at the end of the day, everybody left happy.

    But yea.. he completely shattered any idea I had that he was a good person … relatively okay singer.. but NOT a good person!

    Again.. thanks for reading. I appreciate it!

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