This Would Be Funny If It Wasn’t So Pathetic

Posted: April 17, 2009 in Just Stuff
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It’s no secret how I feel about the Crack Whore Prima Donna of the Gutter.. and I can honestly say I would feel the same way if she didn’t happen to be in our lives.

I inherently dispise people like her… who think the world owes them a favor.. who lives off of other people with no apologies.. who has no ambition or desire to better themselves.. who put themselves before their children.. who suffer no consequence for thier actions.

And to prove that it isn’t just her… my ex husband was just like her and I dispise him also..

So earlier today, I was at the shop. I woke up with a migraine and feeling sick to my stomach so I called out of work. The plan was to spend the day at home but Chief started to get swamped and he asked if I could come down and give him a hand. So I did.

Anyway.. so we’re in the back kitchen and we hear someone come in. He looks out into the shop and turns to me and says, “… oh yea.. guess who works down at the thrift store?”

NOTE: There is a thrift store next store to the shop and everyone from the manager, office staff and floor workers are regular customers

I kind of shrug and go out into the store and there’s the Crack Whore Prima Donna of the Gutter getting a soda out of the fridge.

I say “hey”.. she says “how’s it going?” .. she pays and leaves.

I go back into the kitchen and Chief tells me that the manager had come in earlier and told him that she was working and that he guess’ Chief was going to “love” having her come down to the shop for lunch everyday.

Chief says something about not him, but ME not going to enjoy it and then tells him to do himself a favor and not put her on the register.. it’ll be saving him alot of headaches because she’s known to steal.

He then mentioned something about child support being attached to her wages and since he KNOWS she isn’t going to voluntarily report that she has a job he was going to mention it to the office manager who is also a customer.

I said something about her stealing and that I hope they would press charges and send her simple ass to jail.

He said that she was slimier then he was and she always gets out of things.

I then said, “.. yknow, I’m under the credo that a person only gets away with what people LET them get away with.”


Insert subject change HERE.

About an hour or so later, one of the girls that works on the floor came in for her daily Dr. Pepper. She mentions the Crack Whore Prima Donna of the Gutter and says that she just met her but it seems like she thinks she’s better then everybody and is she a junkie.

So I started telling her about how she is and Chief told her that he told the manager not to put her on the register because she steals.

Apparently, that’s exactly where she was working and Dr. Pepper Girl said that she’d have an eye on her and then left.

Not even an hour later, the manager comes back in the store. Chief had left to go to the wholesalers so it was just me in there. As I’m ringing him out, he says:

Yknow Chief’s ex? Well, she’s now our ex..

I was like Whaaaaa?????

Apparently she was on break with the Dr. Pepper Girl and told her that she was thinking of just walking instead of returning to work after break. And that’s exactly what she did. Left the little red smock, grabbed her jacket and left.

I told the manager that I wasn’t surprised and that was probably the biggest blessing he’d receive that day. We talked some more about work ethics and how she has no concept of responsibility in any area.

Yknow.. not for nothing.. but the woman that work there and come into the store are all hard working, making little money and aren’t treated very well by the owner. They may have kids to support or need extra money for bills or rent or whatever.

They don’t have a junkie drug dealing son to get money from.. or friend :: cough cough :: who “give’ her money or the state giving them welfare.

That’s why it pisses me off so much that I work literally 20 hours a day and why I sometimes resent the fact that she lives so close and invades my life the way she does.

The kids are one thing … Chief is another thing.. but when you start aggitating my life then we have a problem.

It’s no secret that I want nothing to do with her.. and in fact, tomorrow I’m going to tell Chief that the next time she comes in the shop and we’re both there then he’s going to wait on her.. I’m not doing it anymore.

Can you hear the thread of the rope breaking?

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