Same Old.. Same Old

Posted: April 5, 2009 in Bubba, Chief, Just Me
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When I got home Friday night, I pulled up on the side of the house and could see the internet on the tv.

I figured that Chief had brought home the PS3 controller from the store since I wasn’t going to be home and he would want to relax and play a few rounds of Call of Duty 5 online.

I also figured that.. given the time of night .. Chief was NOT the one using the PS3.. Bubba was.

So I walked in the door and sure enough, Bubba was spread out on the chair.. controller in hand.. candy wrappers on the arm of the chair.. stuffed animal guts all over floor.. empty juice bottle on the window sill.. dining room table a mess.. the dog had gotten into the trash.. dishes piled in the sink.. the usual.

.. and I got pissed out. As usual.

I can’t go to sleep knowing that the house I live in is a mess.. I also don’t mind cleaning.. I mind that they live like pigs and think it’s perfectly fine and that if I want it clean then I can clean it.

So I went around obnoxiously cleaning up and the more Bubba ignored what I was doing and how pissed I was.. the more pissed off I got.

Around 1130 I told him to go to bed. He was like “Whyyyyyy?” and I told him, bluntly, that I said so.

He ignored me, of course, and I told him again.

Again he asked me WHYYYYYY and this time I lost it on him. I told him that he wasn’t going to stay up all night playing … he wasn’t going to fall asleep on the couch.. that if I have to come home and clean up a mess that I didn’t make.. that he just surrounds himself with and thinks that’s okay then he’s not going to get what he wants.

It’s simple… I don’t get what I want.. He doesn’t get what he wants.

He’s also been wearing the same t-shirt for 4 days and stinks worse then garbage.

He did go upstairs and I took the controller into the bedroom in case he thought he was going to be a smart ass and come back down after I went to bed.

Chief woke up as I got into bed and I really couldn’t look at him. He was home too and I’m sorry if he is exhausted when he gets done work but yknow what? So am I and I just feel that he has the responsibility to keep after them too.

But then, he’s just as much of a slob so what did I really expect?

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