Moving Like The Speed Of Light

Posted: April 5, 2009 in My Family
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… so Friday night, my cousin DeeDee had asked me if I would help her and her baby-daddy move their stuff from their House of Drama to a storage unit.

Apparently, her baby-daddy :: and his two young children, one who is autistic :: was being thrown out by his mother.

NOTE: Not that I’m going to explain all this but when DeeDee moved in with her baby-daddy, she took out a loan to build an addition on his mother’s house. DeeDee and the mother’s name is on the deed. When all the drama started and DeeDee moved out, the baby-daddy suddently grew a pair and stood up to his mother and since he had no legal rights to be there, she tossed him out.

Baby-Daddy found a place to rent but they can’t move in until next week so all their stuff had to come out and be put in storage.

I didn’t mind helping them out.. considering what’s been going on with me and Chief, I figured a night away would do me some good. And it did. Kind of.

There was alot of stuff to move… millions of clothes to be packed.. funiture to take apart and haul out… and nothing organized.

Considering that I’ve been accused of being anally-organized, I was close to convulsing … add to the fact that it was FREEZING and my right knee is acting up WAY to much to be normal I started to wonder if my night away from Chief should have included a good book and coffee at Borders!!!

The house is about 45 minutes from where I live. Around 10:30, DeeDee drove me back to where my car was parked and then made the drive back to continue the haul.

On the ride home, hearing what was going on in her life and telling her what was going on in mine I started thinking.. HOW THE HELL DID WE WIND UP HERE??

Both Chief and Baby-Daddy are alot alike in the ways they parent their children and the living conditions they ignore. Fundamentally different from me and DeeDee and I wondered how long each of our relationships were really going to last.

She’s more vocal then I am.. I pick and choose my battles while she’s a pit ball. Both Chief and Baby-Daddy are so laid back they could fall over.

Which is the right way.. which is the wrong?

It’s a toss up..

The best part about the night was meeting Baby-Daddy’s cousin and his wife who is a foul-mouthed hillbilly.

I love her!!

I do hope that everything works out for them… my feelings about him and about them and the decisions that she’s made are my own. It’s her life and only she can live it.

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