The Start Of A New Day Gone Bad

Posted: April 1, 2009 in Bubba, Chief, Just Me, Spazz
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I kind of know how the day is going to go within the first 5 minuts of waking up. Considering that I could barely open my eyes when Chief woke me up @ 630.. I knew it was going to be bad.

So I emailed my boss and told her I’d be an hour .. hour and a half late at the latest.

Considering at 6:45 both boys were still asleep :: we usually have to be out of the door by 7am :: I knew I’d never make it in time anyway

So I told Chief as he was walking out the door and he said…

that’s great.. makes it easier for everyone

“Everyone but me,” I said sarcastically “That’s why I’m on this earth.. to make everybody else’s life easier”

He was like, ” awwwwww.. that’s not what I meant at all!”

But I was already twisted.

And then Bubba automatically assumed I was driving him to school.. which I had absolutely no plans of doing. And beside, he had left his school bag at the shop.

He insisted he wasn’t going to walk THE EXTRA TWO BLOCKS to get his school bag and even tried to bribe Spaz into getting it for him.

NOTE: Funny how all that “IHATEYOU IHATEYOU IHATEYOU IWISHYOUWEREDEAD” stuff goes out the window when they want the other one to do them a favor.

He kept asking me why.. why… why … like a five year old. I told him I was going to take a shower IN PEACE and wasn’t going to rush around. FOUR TIMES. But he didn’t get that?

Noooo… his solution was for me to drive him to school then come back to the house and get ready for work.

In fact, he waited until the last minute to leave thinking I’d give him a ride so he wouldn’t be late.


I don’t care about that anymore.

Then Spaz calls from the deli to make sure I was still home because he forgot his homework folder… AGAIN… every day since September… the only problem was that his homework folder wasn’t at the house. So Lord knows where it is and Lord knows if he even did his homework… Lord knows the last time he changed his boxers… or took a shower… or brushed his teeth..

I’m a single mother raising kids that aren’t mine

Can you understand why I get so resentful? While the crack whore is off doing her thing.. while he has tunnel fision with the shop and nothing else, I’m the only responsible adult trying to hold the shit together.

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