Stupid Stupid Girl

Posted: March 31, 2009 in Drama, My Family
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It’s hard to pass along life lessons hard earned when the heart’s involved. Nearly impossible, actually… if it was easy I wouldn’t have been married to the mindless minion for 18 years and would have saved myself a ton of grief.
At any rate, my cousin DeeDee is over the moon in love with the father of her baby and because of that.. this intelligent woman started doing stupid things. That that made absolute perfect sense when she did them ::the prime example being her decision to take out a HUGE loan to build an addition on to what can actually be called a double wide, the house where her man and his MOTHER lived in ::  Had she been NOT the stupid, stupid girl she would have used that money to buy her own damn house.

Maybe the pre-natal “nesting” hormone had something to do with it also. Who knows.. the point is this stupid, stupid girl.. madly in love and with the fairy tale writing itself in her mind.. had reality bite her big in the ass when drama began with his family.

It’s always the family, isn’t it?

Anyway.. the details don’t really matter. It’s enough just to say that when family is involved it’s a sticky situation.. especially when things escalate to physical violence.

DeeDee left her man, her new addition and the mother about 2 weeks ago after a horrendous fight that had a few major red flags pop up to those of us who recognize them.

She landed first at her mothers but had to move in with her father since apparently there’s this whole bringing-children-out-of-state no-no clause in the law books. She filed for custody and child support .. went to get some of her stuff was was in touch with an attorney.

He, on the other hand, found his own version of Jesus and chose to put his faith in everything but that fact that God helps those who help themselves. Since yknow.. Jesus is going to pay off the mortgage to stop foreclosure proceedings on the double wide and UN-repo his truck.

But whatever…

Having already lived through this, I gave her the best advise I could.. told her things he was going to say to get her back.. pointed out the obvious and basically enlightened her to what is apparent without the fog of l-o-v-e clouding judgement.

She listened.

She agreed.

She took him back

Stupid girl.

I agreed that everyone deserves a second chancd.. but that second chance should be earned. She’s choosing to forget about the whole holy-roller thing and the fact that while yes, his mother and sister were major instigators in this, they weren’t the ones who broke down the bedroom door.. they weren’t the ones who put the baby at risk or repeatedly closed the car door on her leg or what can legally be called “holding a person hostage” because he would not allow her off the property.

She’s not remembering that. Instead, she’ dusting off the fairy tale .

Stupid Girl

Wish her well.

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