Weed Gets Arrested

Posted: March 22, 2009 in Chief, Weed
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.. so much going on.

So.. so.. much.

I finally got internet access back at the house so I’ll be able to post more BUT I also got a second PS3.. so maybe not.

At any rate..

I’m going to try to make this as short as possible because it’s getting really late and I REALLY need to go to bed.. last week my average bedtime was 2am and it sucked trying to make it through the work day.

Anyway.. so Saturday morning Chief tells me that the crack whore called and said that Weed got arrested the night before with the same loser friend he was was busting into cars with last June AND doing the same thing he got arrested for then.

According to her :: and believe me, she lives in an alternate universe so it’s not like anything is credible :: Weed was just an innocent :: albeit intoxicated :: bystander while the loser friend :: also intoxicated :: broke car windows.

The bottom line was that he was being held on 10,000.oo bond and she wanted Chief to help come up with the 1000.00 needed for bail.

I wasn’t there when she called so I don’t actually know what the actual conversation was between them and also if Chief was crushed after the call ended. But according to him, he told her that he absolutely wasn’t going to do anything to help him get OUT of jail when being IN jail was the best thing for him.

I reminded him that Weed has three bench warrants out on him for not paying fines from the FIRST time he was arrested… that he was still on probation for DOING THE SAME THING he got arrested for AND that it seems his only solid equation is:


But yknow.. that’s just me

He also told me that she swore he wasn’t doing any of the stuff he was doing before IE: dealing pills, pot, drinking, etc. and Chief told her that was bullshit. In fact, he knew for sure that Weed was still doing that stuff because he’s been told by customers that Weed approached.

He also said that he knew for sure that Weed hadn’t done a goddamn thing to better his life.. hasn’t gotten his GED.. hasn’t even enrolled for it.. hasn’t gotten a legitimate job.

Funny thing is?

Court dockets are public record and at least here, they are updated 7 days a week. I checked before I started to post and guess what?

His bails been posted.

Amazing that she can come up with 1000.oo in a day when she can’t pay 43.00 a week in child support.

They have a court date on the 30th for the support.

We’ll see what happens then.

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