Posted: March 4, 2009 in Drama, Travesty
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Okay… so the cops escort me to the house and as expected, Bubba and Spaz were in the living room watching television.

And as expected, the house was a pig sty.

I seriously thought that I would never be that embarrassed in my life but yknow what… the night wasn’t over yet and not to diminish anything else that happened but I never want to go through that again.

But all in good time.

So we walk in and get the dogs in the bathroom. The boys are asking me all kinds of questions .. “What are the cops doing here?” .. “Where’s dad?” .. “This has something to do with Weed, doesn’t it?”

We were instructed to stay in the living room and not move. There was a junior cop :: aka “Dudley Do-right” and complete with leather gloves :: assigned to watch over us. There is maybe about five or six cops in the house.. a lot of crashing and banging.. a lot of whispering that I couldn’t hear. The kids kept asking me questions and the only thing I can tell them is to not ask anything I can’t answer and right now, I can’t answer anything so please just sit there and I explain everything once I know.

I’m not going to lie. I was scared. Not because we had anything to hide but because you don’t ever expect anything like this to happen. Remember, I still think this had something to do with Weed.

At one point, they were upstairs and the head detective came down and asked the boys which one roomed upstairs. Bubba said he did and the detective went off.. I mean OFF.. about all the dog shit upstairs in the hall way and in his room. He started laying into him which MORTIFIED me.

They called the License and Inspection or Public Health guy :: whoever he was :: and he proceeded to check out the whole house.

I knew that they were listening to everything I said .. at least, Dudley Do-right was.. so I started laying into them about how many times I’ve asked them.. pleaded with them.. to clean up their rooms and after the dogs and how their dad works 18 hours a day and I work 15 hours a day and this is what it comes down to.. how mortified I was.. how embarrassed I was.. how I can’t believe that I am going to be associated with this.

They both just hung their heads. In a way, I was glad because I figured that it would finally register.

From where I was sitting, I couldn’t see anything behind me.. only that they at one point carried out a folding table.. a laundry basket with things in it.. a rubbermaid bin with things in it.. but couldn’t actually see what it was.

At one point they asked me if there was lights in th attic and I said there were but didn’t know if the bulbs worked because no one is ever up there. Next thing I know, a fire department ladder truck is parked in front of the house and about seven :: yes, SEVEN :: uniformed firemen came into the house carrying a mobile flood light.

Guess nothing much was happening in the borough that night.

After what seemed like forever.. but probably only an hour or so.. everyone started to leave. One of the cops told me that the L&I guy or P&H guy was going to be back in two hours and I had better have the house cleaned up or they were going to shut it down and we :: me and the kids :: would be out in the could. He also said that they didn’t know if they were still going to arrest me or not.. that it was up to the head detective.

Then another cop had the warrant in his hand and he said something like, “.. you know what this is about” and I was like, “… no. I don’t.” So he started to say something and I was like, can we go into the kitchen? Motioning at the kids. I remember him saying something smart but we went into the kitchen and that was the first time I saw the warrant. He also said that they were keeping Chief over night and that he would be arraigned in the morning.

In fact, I thought they had to present you with the warrant before they came into the house and had assumed, they showed it to Chief. I didn’t find out until later that they hadn’t and in fact, he didn’t know what was in it until his lawyer gave him a copy.

When they all left, I started skimming over it and it wasn’t until then that I actually find out that they weren’t after Weed… they were after Chief. And everything that he was being accused of was actually the stuff Weed was doing. I didn’t have time to read through it all then.. I still didn’t know if they were going to arrest me or not and my first concern was for the kids. So I had them call Chief’s brother. I had never met him before.. in fact, had never talked to him before.. but when he called back I told him what had happened and if it was possible that he could take the kids. He said he would and then had me explain everything to him again. I did and he told me that there was nothing to worry about. That I wasn’t going to get arrested and to keep him up to date on things.

I command.. literally command.. the boys to get off their asses and to start helping with the house. I hadn’t seen my bedroom at that point but when I did, my heart sank. I literally just wanted to sit on the floor and cry.

Next thing I know.. their crack whore mother was at the door. I don’t know how she found out that Chief got arrested but she showed up to get the boys. I think I remember her saying how she found out but honestly, I really don’t listen to anything she says so it went in one ear and out the other.
I initially didn’t want her in the house but I in reality, I just wanted to be alone without being asked a million questions that I couldn’t answer. Since she now lived in the neighborhood, the kids would still be able to go to school, etc. so I let her in.. they started getting their things together and while she waited, she read the warrant.

Even SHE said that everything in it was Weed and not Chief.

They finally left and I was finally able to read the warrant. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I couldn’t believe what he was being accused of. I couldn’t believe that there was NOT ONE OUNCE of truth other then his description .. where he lived.. and where he worked.

Apparently, we had been under surveillance since the beginning of December.. which corresponds with the time Weed got thrown out of the house.

It said that two police informants who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retribution or bodily harm .. informants who were well known to the police as drug users and drug dealers.. said that Chief was selling pot from the house and from the store and that he was doing it for extra money.

Extra money.


There was so much “extra” money going around that my “new” car is 12 years old.. my water had been turned off.. my electricity had been turned off with another cut off notice delivered the day before this happened.. both boys needed sneakers desperately.. we were behind on the rent for both the shop and the house.. the kid working at the store had to be let go because Chief wasn’t making enough to pay him.

But the thing that really got me.. which made my chin hit my knees and made me question anything I believed in the justice system was that the detective initiated a drug by AT MY HOUSE within :: very vaguely :: 48 HOURS of the warrant :: which would have been January 6th or 7th :: and that he POSITIVELY ID’d Chief.

Wrong.. wrong.. wrong.. wrong..
No.. no.. no.. no.. no…

They didn’t state a time.. they didn’t state a date.. but regardless, I know for a fact that Chief wasn’t at the house but was at the store. In fact, the only time he left the store was on the 6th to go to the bank.. in the opposite direction of the house.

I know that on the 6th, I went to the store to pick up chip steak and cheese to make for dinner and was pissed off because Bubba never came home and called Chief to ask if he had heard from him. When Bubba finally did walk in the door and he said that he told his father that he was going to his mother’s, I called Chief again.

I know for a fact that on the 7th, I went to the store after work and then drove to the house to get Spaz and bring him to the youth group at church. There wasn’t a youth group that night so I took him home and then went back to the store until closing and then we both went to WalMart to get fish food and dog food before returning to the house at around 9.. where we promptly went to bed.

Did somebody answer the door for a drug deal? Probably. Was it Chief? Absolutely not. Bubba? Doubtful.. even though I have a feeling that he was starting to fall under his brother’s influence a little. The only person it could have been.. if the detective was not bold face lying.. was Weed.

But getting back to the story.. I was cleaning up and fielding calls at the same time when I get a text message from the crack whore saying that Weed was on his way over to the house and that he was bend on revenge. She said that she was afraid that something was going to happen to him because he said he was going to go out looking for whoever went to the police.

He finally did come in about an hour or so later and when HE read the warrant he said the same thing.. that everything in it was the stuff that HE was doing :: but had stopped as of Nov 9th. Don’t ask. I have no clue where that came from either :: He said that he knew who at least two of the informants were.. Harry and his girlfriend Christine. Local small time dealers who were also customers at the shop. Weed said that somebody saw them talking to the cops earlier in the day.

To me, that didn’t make sense. Why would they say what they said? Why would they so boldly lie when Chief did nothing to them except help them out when Harry’s “business” started drying up and Christine had just given birth to their son?

According to Weed, when he was heading back to the house he saw Harry and Harry said something to him about being at the top of his list and apparently they got into some type of fist fight.

In my heart, I knew that Weed knew more then what he was saying. I’m not in his circle of deviants and I’m so out of the loop when it comes to stuff like this. I wish he just would have been straight up with me.. instead of proclaiming that HE had nothing to do with this, I wish he just would have come clean.

I mean.. this was his dad, after all. His business was at stake. His reputation was at stake.. the welfare of his brother’s were at stake. I’m smart enough to know that regardless of how innocent Chief is, there is the “process” you have to go through and I was like an airplane passenger forced to land the plane. I had no idea what to do.. what was to happen.. but I guess that when you’re living that life that Weed is… you have other loyalties and they don’t lie with your father.

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