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There were a lot of things that I had to worry about. No only did I have to notify my boss.. but I had to worry about the shot and deal with Chief’s arraignment and bail if necessary :: something I never had to do before :: and also the house rent was over-due.

I didn’t know what time the arraignment was and I was afraid that I was going to miss it. I remember when Weed was arraigned, we hadn’t known he was even arrested and the judge had said that he may not have gone to county if he had had family members there.

So I went down to the courthouse at around 7 but no one was there and phone calls went straight to an information only voice mail. Not that the information they were telling me game ME the information I wanted but apparently there was nothing I could do but keep going down.

To kill time, I headed over to the shop because I knew that the register had to be counted from the night before. After everyone had left the house the night before I had called the shop to tell the kid what had happened. He closed but doesn’t know what to do with the register.

There wasn’t a lot of cash.. around 50 bucks. Most of the transactions were electronic and there had been deliveries, etc. The 110.00 cash that Chief had on him :: he doesn’t keep a lot of money in the register in case of robbery :: the police kept.

I went back to the courthouse after 8:30 and was told that the arraignment wouldn’t happen until 10am. So I headed over to the crack whore’s apartment because one of the kids had left my house key there.

When I got there, she wanted to know everything.. claiming that even though they aren’t together anymore she still wants to know what’s going on because he’s the father of her kids. She told me that I had to get him a lawyer and oh.. how about this.. she has one on speed dial. She said he was really good.. only charged 250.00 up front and 250.00 at the end and she would get a finder’s fee.

I need to interject something here. Something really important because people wondered why I even gave her the time of day .. called the lawyer.. or even made her privy to what was going on.

Here’s the thing…

I have absolutely, positively no experience with these kinds of things. I don’t know what arraignments are .. don’t know what preliminaries are.. don’t know the ins… outs.. or betweens. She does. So it may have seemed like we were banded together in the sisterhood, believe me.. I had ulterior motives and so did she. But all that is going to be another post.
So I call Chief’s brother and told him what was going on.. and I called the lawyer.

Oh.. before I forget.. I can’t forget to go into how she was harboring a fugitive in her 2 room apartment when I went over.

So the lawyer is going to meet us at the courthouse. The problem then became how I was going to pay him because Chief had the ATM card on him. So we went to back to the courthouse, explained the situation to the receptionist, she told me to go to the police station :: around the corner from the courthouse :: and I told the desk cop what the situation was. He told me that he would have the card for me once they took Chief to the courthouse.

We went back to wait and pretty soon, the lawyer showed up. I explained to him about the money and gave him the warrant. A few minutes later, they took Chief through in leg shackles and handcuffs. As soon as he saw us, he started screaming, “.. I don’t ever want to see him again. Tell him to stay away from me. He’s dead to me. I swear, keep him away from me.”

He was referring to Weed and I knew that his sitting in a holding cell all night gave him a lot of time to put the same pieces together. Remember, at this point, I though he has seen the warrant.

I ran over to the convenience store to get the lawyer’s retainer while the lawyer went to talk to Chief.

Soon, we were in the courtroom and the lawyer was saying that he was going to try and get the bail reduced. I told him that if he stayed in jail, I would have to take off from work to run the shop because that’s his sole source of income and THAT would put MY job in jeopardy.

Pretty soon, the took Chief in and the Judge :: the only judge in the borough :: came in and reviewed the charges. The judge set a 30,000.00 bail and my heart sank. The lawyer explained that he wasn’t a flight risk.. he was a local business owner.. etc. etc.

The judge asked him if he knew where Chief’s house was. The lawyer explained that he was just retained and that no, he didn’t. The judge said that we lived within a 100 yards of an elementary school and there were hundreds of kids that walked by my house a day so no, he was not going to reduce bail.

Everything started happening at once then… while I was thinking that I had to come up with 3000.00 dollars with only 1500.00 in the bank.. Chief started pleading with the judge “You KNOW I didn’t do this.. you know it was Weed.. I never dealt nothing in my life.. the only think I do is work” over and over again.
He turned around to me saying, “Call my dad.. call my dad” .. I was telling him that I already had.. that it was covered.

All of a sudden, the constable turned him around to sign papers and he started to turn as red as a beet.. holding his chest saying “.. I can’t breath. I can’t breath.” The tried to get him to sit and as I rushed over to him, the constable told me to get on the other side of the table.. that I had 15 minutes to get up the bail or he was going to county.

I don’t think I was even thinking at that point. All I knew was that I had to come up with another 1800.00 dollars .. I went to the bank and withdrew all that I could. I called up Chief’s brother .. him and his dad were able to come up with 1500.00 and so I had to rely on the store to come up with the rest of the money.

In the meantime, the lawyer had called the crack whore and told her that they had taken Chief to the emergency room. I headed over to the hospital but wasn’t allowed to see him.

By this time, reality had set in and I was emotionally falling apart. I had to open the store and had received a message from Weed asking me if I wanted him to help out. I needed him so I said yes and we wound up opening at around 12:30.

During the course of the day, the house landlord kept calling about the rent. I told her that I had an appointment at 11 but would come up right after.

Every 20.00 bill… every 10.00 bill.. every 5.00 bill went into the bail. I gathered up all the change hanging around to turn that into bills for bail. By the end of the night, I was only 80.00 short. The crack whore was .. flabbergasted.. for lack of better word that I was going to be able to come up with bail. She kept on saying how amazing I was. But again, she had an ulterior motive and it wasn’t so much that she was amazed that I came up with the bail but more “.. oh fuck, she’s going to come up with the bail.”

More on that later though.

During the day, I had received a call from Chief’s pastor. Apparently, he had asked to speak to him in the ER and they allowed it. He asked that he call me to let him know that he was okay. It was a little bit of a relief but I was hoping that the pastor would contribute to the bail. He didn’t offer and I didn’t ask.

I kept calling the hospital for updates and late in the day, I found out that he had been admitted into the telemetry unit.

Since I work for a health system, I know all about Hipaa laws and privacy laws and all that other stuff but I went to the hospital and told the receptionist that Chief had a 10 year old son at home who didn’t know if his dad was going to die or not and if they asked Chief, he would give them permission to discuss his case with me.

The woman looked him up in their system and told me that there wasn’t a visitor restriction on his room and she suggested that I just do upstairs and see if I could get in. The worse that could happen is that they would say no.

So I went up and as soon as I approached his room, I saw a nurse openning his door and could see the two guards sitting in there. I heard her asking why the door was shut and apparently, they told her that Chief was a prisoner.

I lingered outside the room and when the nurse came out, I explained to her what the situation was. I told her that I wasn’t trying to go against the rules but Spaz is inconsolable because he doesn’t know if his dead was going to die or not.

She was very understanding and brought over the head nurse. I repeated everything and she said that she would open the door wide enough for me to see Chief but the guards wouldn’t be able to see me. I asked her to tell him that I loved him.

The door opened and I got to wave to Chief. The nurse came out and said that Chief wanted to know if I had the bail money and I said that I did.

I found out that they thought he had had a mild heart attack and that they were holding him overnight for observation and for his test results to be read.

It was hard for me to sleep that night. Even though we haven’t really spend much time together since opening the shop and that I griped that even when he was home he would go right to sleep, the house was empty without him. I kept expecting to see him popping out of the kitchen or whatever and then cold reality would set in.

The worse part of it was that I didn’t know how bad this was going to get.

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