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Wanna Annoy Me?

Posted: December 4, 2008 in Annoy Me

Make me have to ask about something you should have automatically told me.

Pisses me off REAL bad!

… so apparently, the kid in the green hoodie and backpack that was George.

George is one of Weed’s friends that has been floating in and out and about since I’ve been going around there. He’s just one of those stupid kids, yknow?

He does landscaping :: cough cough :: and we used him during the summer to cut our grass. Never had that weird vibe or suspiciousness about him like some of the other degenerates Weed hangs around with.

Last night, about 10pm, there was a knock at the door. It was George on his bike asking for Weed. I told him that he didn’t live here anymore. He looked dumb-founded :: actually, not hard for him :: He was like, ” Whaaa?” and I said, “Yep, he got kicked out.”

He said he had been down at the shop looking for him and I was like, “.. yeaaaaaa. The shop’s closed and he doesn’t work there anymore.” George asked me if I knew where he was at and I said I didn’t.

So, I go in and tell Chief and he said that George had been down at the shop earlier.

That was it as far as conversations about George go…

Fast Forward to this afternoon. After finding out that someone was lingering :: weird word to use, I know, but I’m listening to the Cranberries right now :: at the house AND that Weed had come into the store groveling at about 9am I hadn’t heard anything about after that.

So around 2:30 I call Chief and he tells me… well, basically nothing. I have to ask him but the bottom line is that they figured it was George and even “other people” have seen him hanging around the house.

I ask him who the “other” people are he mentions B-RAD and I just roll my eyes and make my “heh” sound.

NOTE: B-RAD is THE shadiest son of a bitch that I ever met. He’s thinks he’s the thug-iest white boy trying to be black in suburbia. Remember the movie MALIBU’S MOST WANTED? Yea… that’s him. He’s also a known thief and was the co-conspirator with Weed that landed Weed in the trouble that he’s in with the law now. Not my favorite person in the world and he knows it.

So really? Why would you take his word for anything?

At any rate… Chief also tells me that Weed also mentioned that a few weeks ago when Weed was still in bed recovering from whatever he ingested the night before, he happened up on George who had just walked into the house.

I mention something about how stellar our conversations skills are. He asks if I’m pissed at him. I ask him if he really doesn’t know what I’m talking about and he said he doesnt.

Dumbass Man!

it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes or even Doc Watson to figure out. My question was why would George come up to the house looking for Weed when Chief had told him NOT A HALF HOUR EARLIER that Weed had been thrown out of the house?

The opportunity to invite him into the house under false pretenses and kick the living shit out of him passed.

I also had to ask him about his conversation with Weed.

I hate when I have to do that.  Having to ask about things I should be told.

At anyrate.. I asked him how it turned out and he said he didn’t know. He actually sounded like he was softening to Weed moving back in. I told him that he needed to remember that there were 3 other people living in that house.

He said he knew and that he wasn’t going to let him back in yet.

It’s hard, I know. And excuse me for sounding like a cold hearted bitch but I lost alot… alot more then what can be bought again and I just don’t feel like letting him off the hook that easy again.


So little earlier I called down the shop to talk to Chief about the shop’s bank account and Weed answers. Hmm.

I give my usual “hey” and he doesn’t say anything but “hold on” and hands the phone to his father.

I ask Chief what that’s about and he said he didn’t know. He showed up to talk. I asked him if Weed was sober and he said he was. So he tells me that he’s going to talk to him and then call me back.

About a half hour goes by and he calls. Not about Weed, though.

He tells me that the kid that lives in the house behind us :: there are only two houses on my side of the street. Our house faces south, their house faces north so basically our yards meet :: was out back and he saw someone wearing a green jacked and a back pack trying our back door.

Like TRYING our backdoor.. hard enough so the neighbor heard it in his yard. Since they can no longer get in the house, the neighbor starts to follow him and then contacts Weed and they both went out to find whoever it was.

Since I’m positive that the neighbor knows what’s been going on recently :: him and his sister hang out with Weed :: I’m sure that was one of the reasons he was so amped to find Weed.

So three attempts in four days. Two successful. I’m certain that the only reason why nothing happened on Tuesday is because I was home from work.

Chief said he’d keep me posted on what was going on so as soon as I do.. so will you.

.. or one pissed off bitch.

And I am pissed.

On SO many levels.

Our house was robbed.


This time they made away with everything that was worth anything. There’s a whole laundry list that I’m not going to recount because it’ll make me more upset that I already am.

Especially because of the sentimental value. Like the pendant Cheif got me for our first Christmas together … my dad’s jewerly and dog tags that I got when he died … the pictures on the digital camera and laptop.

Yea.. they took everything. Laptop, laptop case :: with the kids school pictures in it :: the PSP, the digital cameras and video cameras… jewlery.. just everything.

And how did they get in? The back door. Even though I made sure it was locked when the kids and I left that morning, apparently Spaz forgot his homework so he had to go back. He took the key and says he relocked the door but I think what happened is that because of the rain we were having the door swelled and even though it felt tight to him, I don’t think it was closed enough to latch.

Regardless… Bubba came home from school and found the back door wide open and the dogs locked in the bedroom with everything gone. He called Chief who went up to the house and called me with the bad news.

We both felt like we were socked in the chest. Neither of us have ever been robbed before and I tell you.. it’s not a joint-couple-thing that I want to earmark as a “first”. But it is what it is.

More damaging was the fact that Cheif got ahold of Weed who was either drunk, high or both and they had it out.

Weed insisting he had nothing to do with anything and Chief insisting that he just isn’t GETTING it. I wasn’t there but from what I heard, Weed went off and started throwing things at the shop and banging his fists on the glass window.

Liquid courage I think they call it. Chief it tougher then Chuck Norris.

Anyway… Chief called the cops. Weed took off. The cops came and went. Weed came back. The cops were called again. Weed came into the shop when Chief was on the phone with the cops. Weed left. Came back and conveniently appeared as soon as the cops came back.

He was screaming about how he was innocent.. that he’s been racking his brain trying to figure out who did it.. that he couldn’t believe Chief would call the cops on him.. that he was a horrible father..

That made me want to knock him on his ass. How Chief refrained is beyond me.

Anyway.. the cops asked Chief what he wanted to do. Although Weed is 19, we live in a small town and it was only because of Chief that he didn’t get locked up for diorderly conduct, public drunkeness and underage drinking. Chief had told the police that he was doing everything he could to get him back on track but he was at a loss.

The cop :: actually the one who stood up for Weed when he got arrested the last time :: must have his own issues with his own kids because he was more then sympathetic and took Weed to the Crack Whore’s house.

It was a long night filled with anger about our stuff.. sadness because of Weed.. and Chief apologizing all over himself about the stuff I loss.

I just wanted it to all go away. It’s one thing if it’s a random act. Then you can say WHY NOT THIS NEIGHBORS HOUSE OR THAT NEIGHBORS HOUSE but this situation is just completely unnecessary.