The Crack Whore’s Two Cents

Posted: December 2, 2008 in Weed
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… surprising that she even HAS it but that’s another post for another time!

So earlier, the boy’s crack whore mother goes to the shop and demands to know why Weed got kicked out.

Cheif explains to her that the PS3 was just the catalyst :: wasted breath.. she doesn’t know that word :: and that it was a culmination :: doesn’t know that word either :: of alot of things over a long period of time.

She tells him to call Weed because “… Weed feels hurt”

Chief goes off on her about how HE is hurt… how his brothers are hurt… how if Weed wants to talk he can call Chief.

It doesn’t end well… it never does.

She basically lives in a drug enduced euphoria LaLa Land where she isn’t responsible for anything… never sacraficed anything for her kids.. and basically survives by getting anything from anyone. Oh.. and frivolous lawsuits. Can’t forget about them.

The kids apparently inherited their “entitlement” gene from her.

May sound like I’m being harsh but it only takes being around her a few times before her methodology of living becomes apparent.

Case in point:

She constantly tells Spaz that she’s going to take him here.. take him there.. buy this for him.. buy that for him but never follows through. One night in particular, she promised she was going to pick him up at 6 to take him to the beach for the weekend. 6 o’clock came and went. She then called and said that she would pick him up after work at 9pm.

NOTE: She works sporatically. Usually when the courts get involved because she doesn’t pay her 43.00 a week child support payment. Yep. That’s not a typo. After 5 years of fighting, the courts finally granted Chief child support to the tune of FORTY THREE DOLLARS a week for three boys. Which she hasn’t paid unless there is a threat of being thrown in jail. Her excuse with finding a job has always been that she’s a felon but yknow… even WalMart hires felons.

Anyway.. on this particular day she was working cleaning houses. A job that only lasted about 3 weeks before she conveniently twisted her ankle on the job and sued both the person she worked for and the home owner.

But I digress…

Thing is, no one who cleans houses for a living cleans them at 9pm. And from the background noise, she wasn’t in anyone’s home.

So Spaz waited. Bags packed… out on the front steps. 9 came and went … 10 came and went.. 11 came and went and he finally fell asleep on the couch crying.

He called her cell the next day and the crack head boyfriend answered saying that she came in late and crashed on the couch and proceeded to tell a 10 year old things that he had no business to.

She’s also been thrown into a mental ward by the police for beating herself in the face with a remote control in an effort to leave a mark and blame it on the boyfriend beating her.

Also wouldn’t take the boys overnight in an emergency situation unless Chief gave her a few pounds of lunch meat, a galloon of milk and chips.

She’s done drugs with Weed, bought him a case of beer and a few bottles of whiskey for his 18th birthday and uses Spaz’s devotion to her against him.

I tolerate her at best… and never once have I talked bad about her to the kids. If anything, I vomit in my mouth whenever I tell them not to hate HER.. hate her ADDICTION.. and that she REALLY MEANS what she says WHEN she says it.

So now Weed is staying over there and it’s only a matter of time before either he gets sick of her OR she gets a taste of what we’ve been living with for a long time.

We’ll see how this plays out now.

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