Some Kind Of Way

Posted: May 9, 2008 in Old Blogs

One of my bestest friends in the world is a Puerto Rican chick that shares my first name.  She’s cool as hell and doesn’t mind when I imidated her saying, “… CHOO know??”

She has this other thing that she says all the time:


I know you know what I’m talking about.. it’s when you feel, well, SOME KIND OF WAY. There’s no description for it. You can pinpoint it. You can’t verbalize it. It just is.

That’s how I feel now… actually, I’ve been feeling this way since last night and I’m not really sure why. If I had to guess, I would think that it’s my subsconscience silently wrestling with my conscience.

The life I jumped into barefooted and with blinders on is not what I naively thought it was going to be.. :: maybe more like what I hoped it would be :: and I think I’m starting to feel the strains. Actually, if I’m being truthful, that I’ve been feeling for awhile.

Don’t misunderstand… I love Chief and the boys with all my heart. And I know they love me back just the same. But there are the same issues and struggles and crap that I thought I had done away with when I divorced Satan that I really don’t want to go through a second time.

It’s a cold day … a soaking rain day.. and maybe that’s what’s contributing to how I feel..

I don’t know…


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