Posted: May 7, 2008 in Old Blogs

Since I’ve been watching what I eat and reduced the amount of coffee I drink a day.. I’ve been freakin’ exhausted by 3pm! I hate that… it just makes the day drag and me irritable!!

Until 5pm.

Then I get my second wind because I get to go home and hang with my honey!

Blah, blah, blah right?


So I get home. I have to say that I was still alittle bit on the salty side and wasn’t too shy about it! I knew that Bubba had had homework that was due today and Spaz had two days worth of homework to do because he.. um.. “couldn’t find” his homework folder on Monday. Tuesday is also one of their shower nights .. which is always a hassle.

Anyway.. we ate dinner and had some family time :: Okay! Okay! We were playing Call of Duty! :: and before I knew it, it was almost 8:30. I tell Spaz to finish playing his round and then he had to take a shower and do his homework. He put on a puss face but got up after his round ended and went up to his room to get his pajamas.

Or so we thought..

Turns out that he stayed up there and wound up falling asleep in his play clothes. Chief wasn’t a happy camper about it and neither was I. We both knew that it was more on the intentional side then accidental side. So Chief said he was going to wake him up an hour earlier for school :: 6am instead of 7 :: so that he could shower and do his work.

I actually didn’t expect him to go through with it… but he did. Spaz wasn’t thrilled but I was proud of my man.

Bubba wound up doing his reading assignment and it wasn’t until I came into work today that I checked my email and saw one from his science teacher.

NOTE: Bubba is sothisclose to failing science. If he does, we either have to pay 300.00 for him to go to summer school OR he repeats 7thgrade. Of course, Bubba doesn’t WANT to go to summer school but he isn’t doing a damn thing about his grades either so I personally think that him going would snap something in his tangerine brain and get him serious about school. The point is, I approached his science teacher explaining that I was willing to help Bubba anyway I could to help him bring up his grade so every time they have homework, I get an email. He knows I get them too so it’s not like I’m doing something underhanded.

So last night he had science homework which he didn’t tell me he had and naturally, didn’t get done. I know his excuse was going to be that he didn’t hear that he had an assignment but we went through this last week. Personally, if it was me, I’d make sure I knew what my assignment was. Personally, if it was me, and I KNEW that my science teacher was emailing my stepmom with my homework I would take my books home every night.

I forwarded the email to Chief and when we talked to each other later in the day he was PISSED.

That kid just don’t get it.

In other news… I had asked Chief if he had heard from The Cunt and he said he hasn’t. Y’all do remember that Mother’s Day is Sunday, right? Yea. Ok. Remember that. So later on in the night, Chief was out watering the lawn and me and Bubba where in the dining room. He had been on the phone and when he hung up he said that the caller had been his mother. Apparently, she made a comment about how she guessed she wasn’t going to get to see them for awhile :: Wait! Listen! Here the violins??? :: and Bubba told her that she really had pissed Chief off this time. She asked him how long he thought it would be and he said he guessed about a weekend or two.

Now.. this pissed me off on SO many levels and Bubba’s at an age where he needs to understand things that Spaz is still to little to comprehend.

I told Bubba that I knew she does nothing but bullshit.. and everything that comes out of her mouth is bullshit. I told him what I thought the reasons were that she all of a sudden wanted to take Spaz every weekend and I also told him that the conversation he just had with her? She should have had that conversation with his father.

Because this is what she does… she calls Spaz and makes up some excuse about why she fucked him over and then promises to make it up to him by taking him to the movies or to a carnival or something that is out of the norm and gets him all excited. If Chief where to tell him that he couldn’t go because of all these other instances where she screwed him over, Spaz would get mad and defend her.. repeating whatever trash she fed him and then Chief would get pissed off and The Cunt would be “.. see! I WANTEDto pick you up but your FATHER wouldn’t let me”. Because ultimately, she could care less about anyone but her self.. even her kids.

When talking about it last night.. Chief had said that he wished there were a way to get a restraining order against her. He doesn’t need one. All he has to do is say no but I think he has a problem doing that for a lot of reasons that I don’t have the room or years to post…

It’s not impossible to get an order.. but Spaz would have to go through a psych eval :: not that would be a bad thing :: but what do you do? Subject him to that or continue to have The Cunt damage his psyche? Doesn’t seem like it but it is a tough call especially when you think that yea, he may grow up to see her for who she really is. OR, he may not. He could be 45 and still waiting for her to pick him up on the corner. Which is sadder?

There was something special that did happen last night though..

While playing COD, Bubba asked me what I wanted for Mothers Day. He said that he wanted to get me something before actual Mother’s Day because it would be “Almost” Mother’s Day and I’m “almost” his step mom. I thought that was the sweetest thing. And then he said, “… that’s what you said, right Dad?”

I busted out laughing and Chief shot him such a look that was priceless. Regardless of whatever.. that’s really one of the best moments I’ve had!


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