Gone Fishin’

Posted: March 31, 2008 in Old Blogs

You know when you just have one of “those” weekends… the good kind?

At the beginning of the week, Spaz had money saved that was literally burning a hole in his pocket that he was literally busting to spend. So we take him over to Walmart and he’s looking at absolutely nothing to waste his money on. Tried to get him to wait until the following day to go to the hobby shop but he wasn’t having any of it..

So Chief, who is Mr. SuvivorMan himself, suggests that Spaz get a fishing pole.

Chief loves to fish… I love to fish… Spaz says he loves to fish but I don’t know if I actually believe his “fish” stories… I mean,  I could always as Chief but it really doesn’t matter. He’s 9 and fishing appears to be the thing that would really benefit him now.. get him out of the house on warm days and get him to settle down a bit. He has no choice… you can’t be all Spaz-ish when fishing!

So we head out early Saturday morning :: Openning Day of Trout here ::, Me and Chief get our licenses and we head out to the creeks. Fortunately, we live near alot of different creeks that the state stocks and since Chief knows the area like the back of his hand, he knew just where to go.

And go we did… down steep inclines, over fences, under over passes, across huge dead tree trunks and down slippery rocks to get to NOT catch one damn fish!

We were at it for close to 9 hours before we were left with no hooks, no weights and really no more desire to be cold, wet and standing in the wind without the benefit of a steaming hot cup of coffee to take the edge off!

Mind you, when I fish.. I already know I’m not going to catch anything. Never did.. probably never will, LOL! But Chief is a great fisherman and he was getting pretty peeved that the only thing he was hooking was rocks and tree branches… Spaz’s mood was swinging on a pendulum. At first he was getting pissed because of his line, and that he wasn’t catching anything but after awhile when he realized that neither his father nor I were catching anything, he settled down knowing that it wasn’t just him.

Poor Spaz has some issues.. but we’re working through them.

We finally did wind up with 3 trout for dinner… thanks to the guy that came along next to us and hooked a damn fish everytime he cast his line in!! The look on Chief’s face was priceless!!  You have a maximum on how many fish you can catch in a day and the dude already went over his so he was throwing them back until he took pity on us and gave us a few!! LOL!!

We never laughed so hard… and enjoyed just being together so much… and great fish stories aside, that’s what it’s all about!


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