Why Am I Not Surprised…??

Posted: March 24, 2008 in Old Blogs

.. so this was Easter weekend. The boys were with their mother :: yea, don’t get too excited yet about her trying to be mother of the year :: and as much as Tim loves then to death and I love them to death we were NOT disappointed to have the whole Easter weekend to ourselves with nothing but time, empty house and a 50″ Plasma!!

NOTE: That’s as much detail as y’all are going to get, heathens!!

So I’ll rewind it to Saturday just to give you a feel for how things are balanced.

We were in some store.. I want to say the supermarket but I can’t imagine why we’d be there.. at any rate, it dawns on him that this is the first year that he hasn’t dyed eggs with the boys.. and he gets misty about it.. Seriously. He was upset that he wasn’t going to have the chance to do it with them :: see why I am utterly, uncontrollably and completely in love with this man? :: so he texts their mother saying that he hopes that she is going to dye eggs with them.

NOTE: Just remembered.. we were at the Farmer’s Market. Pffew! Thought the dementia was starting to kick in.

That was the last I know about eggs so we continue with our day. Few hours later, maybe, the phone rings and it’s their mother (herein referred to as “The Cunt” because, really, she just is) calls and tells Tim that M the 13 year old has been beating up on J the 9 year old all day and that the 13 year old pushed her :: honestly, didn’t believe it :: so she gives him the apartment phone number to call M

NOTE: Come to think of it now.. where was she that he had to call the apartment and where was the M’s sidekick?? Hmm.. you’ll see why curious minds want to know as you read on.

So Tim calls and apparently the boyfriend answered and he asked for M. M gets on the phone and Tim lays into him without giving M a chance to respond. He tells him that he’s not coming home :: M doesn’t like going to The Cunt’s because all they do is sit in a one bedroom apartment and watch TV :: and to stop harassing J.. he loves them but he will see them on Monday and he hangs up the phone.

Fast foward to Sunday morning. It’s about 9:00. Tim’s in the shower because we had plans to go to my mom’s to give her Easter flowers, visit the cemetary, go to church and then just go where the day takes us. I send M and J each a text message wishing them a Happy Easter. As soon as I sent it, Tim’s phone buzzes that he has a message. I don’t check his messages. We have no secrets and the bottom line is that I trust him.

He’s only out of the shower a few minutes when his phone starts to ring. It’s M. He tells him that The Cunt and her boyfriend have been fighting all night and that she supposedly “got lost” in his car and now he won’t let her drive it so we have to go pick them up.

Now.. just for giggles.. does ANYONE believe that? Seriously.. she has an alcohol and drug problem. She has a cell phone. She leaves her “babies” at the apartment alone with a guy that from what I understand, she hasn’t known very long and gets “lost” in a city who’s streets are made up like a grid. N, S, E, W .. that’s it.

Tim looks at me and I think I thought about going to get them before he even did. He hangs up with M and I tell him to read his text. It’s from The Cunt:

.. I don’t have anything for Easter dinner. Come get them.

God, my head exploded like a cartoon characters. Really, how could she NOT have dinner when she KNEW she was having them over Easter. How do you NOT have things for them to do or things to do with them when you only have them every other weekend :: which, btw, she isn’t entitled to have. :: I tell all this to him and he calls The Cunt and says the same things. He tells her she isn’t getting them again and hangs up on him.

She texts him:

.. that’s fine. Just come get them.

You know. They’re not my kids. I know they aren’t and I don’t pretend or try to be there “mother”. I’m just the strong, female presence in their lives that they always lacked. But when it comes to defending them, they couldn’t be anymore then mine.

There’s no question that we were going to go get them. Problem is, we weren’t planning on having them home so we didn’t have their Easter baskets ready, or did he have anything to cook for Easter dinner. So it was the mad dash driving to this store.. driving to that store… put stuff together in the car while I drove.. that kind of thing. But, with the grace of God, we get it done and it’s not such a bad thing.

So we call M when we were a few minutes away to tell them to be out front when we pull up and sure enough, they’re out there with The Cunt sitting on the step. I don’t even want to look at her because if I saw one twitch of a facial muscle or eyeball, she was going to find out real quick just who she was dealing with and how fast I can get back to my SP roots and get ghetto on her sloppy ass.

We load the kids in the car.. stop at my mom’s :: who gives them 5.00 each for Easter ::and then we head home. The kids start in about what had happened at The Cunt’s but I tell them that I didn’t want to hear anything.. we were together.. we’re blessed and it’s Easter, dammit!! 8>)

NOTE: Just to fill in the holes… From Friday night, The Cunt was in her bedroom complaining of a “headache” and that she didn’t feel good. On Saturday, she appearently went trolling to feed her habit and came home smashed. That caused an arguement with the boyfriend that lasted all night. Great.

Oh yea.. this is a good one too. She send them home with 1.5 dozen hard boiled eggs and empty plastic eggs and told them that they could dye eggs and have an egg hunt “over there” .. meaning our house. What a fucking loser.

So between helping J make a recurve bow from the Easter basket handle and painting my face like a bunny with fake ears and hopping around to techno bag pipe music we had a really fun, good time.

I told them that today we’d do the Easter egg hung and dying.. at first, J was giving me an attitude about it until I remind him that me and his dad were trying to get this all together at the last minute so he was going to have to cut us some slack.

His repsonse? “… I know, and you’re doing a good job”

And that’s all that it’s about, isn’t it?


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