Sometimes I Wonder…

Posted: March 17, 2008 in Old Blogs

Just what it is I’m doing here…

This is one of those “sometimes”… It’s 4:41am. Chief is snoring away beside me… Spaz is asleep on the lounge chair.. Bubba is alseep upstairs somewhere :: most times he doesn’t actually sleep in HIS room :: .. Weed  just got up to roam into the kitchen and probably left every cabinet door open in the process.. one of the dogs peed on the rug… the other dog chewed a USB cord.. the kitchen is a wreck.. the dining room is a wreck… the living room is a wreck… I couldn’t play a round of COD4 online because the controller is dead and I couldn’t find the remote to change the tv anyway… couldn’t take a shower because there are no clean towels…

I’m just really, really, REALLY frustrated right now…

Does it ever sink in? Are my expectations to high? Are my standards too high? Are they just too far gone?

… or do they just don’t care?


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