PS3 Widow

Posted: March 7, 2008 in Old Blogs

I think I told you how everyone in the house are major PS3 freaks? Chief and myself included?

The other night, Bubba was hard pressing for Guitar Hero III.


Weed was SUPPOSE to get GH3 with the Wireless Guitar for his birthday but since he decided to get stupid and hold an underaged drinking rave in his bedroom.. that kinda didn’t pan out for him. We were still going to get it but was holding out for awhile.

So anyway.. the other night at dinner, Bubba is whining like a little bitch about how he wants GH3.. all his friends have it.. why we just couldn’t buy it.. blah blah blah… Now mind you, this is a kid who’s punished for the rest of the school year because of his grades and the detentions he’s been getting. Personally, I’d punish him by making him sit in the living room reading a book instead of playing PS3 but… not my kid.

Fast foward to last night and Bubba asks me if I would take him to Game Stop because he wanted to trade out his Tony Hawk game and see if he could get GH3 used. Chief’s ears perk up because he wants to get Call of Duty 4.


We had Call of Duty 4 when it first came out. They beat it in like, three days and bitched that the online play was too hard so we turned it in for something else. Chief happened to hear on the morning show that he listens too that one of the DJs plays COD4 online so of course, now he wants it again so he can play against the DJ. Yea.. and you wonder, right?

I personally wanted to get Ninja Gaiden so I told Bubba that we’d go but that we weren’t driving because Chief and I were going to walk the dogs anyway. He was fine with it.. Spaz wasn’t fine with it in the beginning but when we didn’t fling ourselves at his ankles begging him to come with us he just figured he’d go IN CASE Bubba got something and he didn’t.

They roll that way.

So long story short.. we head down there with both dogs :: Ernie the Terrorist having to be dragged the whole half mile :: Bubba was on his bike… Spaz was on his razor scooter..  they didn’t have my game. They did have COD4 new so I got that for Chief.

Bubba is still hard pressing for GH3. He says something like, “… how do you have money for your games but not for GH3?”


One thing they have yet to understand is that you do NOT ask my about the money I earn and what I choose to spend it on.

I tell him that it wasn’t that I didn’t have the money… it was that I didn’t want to buy GH3. He starts the bitch whining again saying he never gets anything. I roll my eyes and tell him that he has to be kidding me if he thinks that THAT is going to fly. He says that I may get him stuff but never a game.


Months ago, we both happen to be home sick. Me from work.. him from school. Since Chief, Weed and Spaz where in work and school we decided that we were going to go to McDonald’s for lunch and then hit Game Stop. :: Yea. Yea. I know. :: That day I must have bought him 3 or 4 games. Used.. but still.

So I started to remind him of that when the girl behind the counter turns around and says, “… I remember that! You bought the Resident Evil set.”

Bubba just shook his head like, “… busted, dammit”.

Anyway.. I wound up getting GH3 and I wound up getting the guitar for Weed.

I knew from before we left that I was going to get it … and it wasn’t because he hounded me. I’m just a sucker. Plain and simple.

Chief was stoked about COD4 and I knew that once the kids went to bed.. I was going to be in for a long, lonely night.. week.. weekend.. month? When he gets into it, he gets into it and short of a nuclear bomb dropping on his head he’s oblivious to everything and everyone.

So that’s what I got to look forward to.

Time to get my own system!


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