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Catching Up

Posted: March 6, 2008 in Old Blogs

.. okay.

So :: sigh :: alot has been going on. Some good.. some not so good.. some whatever.. some I-don’t-know-how-I-feel-about-it-yet.

Me and Chief did get a 50″ Plasma HDTV. I’d probably be more impressed if I watched it more or played the PS3 on it more but yknow.. sometimes the quiet time that comes with watching Poject Runaway alone in my bedroom is worth more then the 1199.00 we paid for the Vizio.

We also got 2 new cars… rather, two cars that were not previously owned by us!..

cars-003.jpg<– Mine and His –> cars-002.jpg

Best part is that they BOTH run! We had planned on getting ONE new one to replace my Hoopty Clown Car with the theory that we could always switch when he had events :: later nights and further from home :: but then the “vehicle gods” intervened. His wagon died. An oh-so-slow pitiful death for a once noble :: cough cough :: wagon.

Plan B was to get a new one… take the Hoopty to a viable mechanic to fix.. and resume the original plan.. BUT on the VERY MORNING we were picking up the red car, my Hoopty died. Something about the water in the radiator freezing and cracking something or other.

Dunno… in some things I am pure chick.

So we wound up having to get two new cars. Funny thing was that for about a week, until the tow truck could come, all four cars were parked on the street next to our house. Bubba happens to say to me one night, “… wow, we look rich with four cars.” I turned around and said, “.. NO, we look redneck because only two run!”

Have nothing against Rednecks, btw… in fact, I happen to have the reddest urban neck of anyone I know…

We also got Ernie the Terrorist:


Yea.. he looks like an angel there but believe me, him sleeping is the only time that I can take a picture of him without him lunging at my nose.

In other news, his Demonic Ex FINALLY has to pay child support. Hang on, you may want to get a bag or bucket or something to throw up in when I tell you have much she has to pay a week… and how much she’s BITCHING about paying a week…

You ready for it?

You sure?


For three kids.

Her argument to the judge was that Chief now has 2 incomes and just bought a sports car. :: Okay.. look at the pictures above and see if YOU can find a sports car because I definately can’t :: The judge, to his credit, told her that he didn’t want to hear any of that.  Especially when she told him that she had been saving to get an apartment. I believe the his response was :: I wasn’t there :: something along the lines of how selfish that sounded saving money for herself and not providing for her kids.

Personally, I’d like to keep that 43.00 in an envelope under my bed for when she really pisses me off and then I can burn it in front of her. Thankfully, we don’t need her money now but principle is principle and if she was any kind of a mother to begin with… OR at least a mature adult.. it wouldn’t have had to roll like that but you get what you give…

Funny thing is :: and karma is a REAL big bitch :: she and her boyfriend :: pimp.. boyfriend.. same difference :: moved into an apartment in the neighborhood I grew up in… the neighborhood where my mother still lives… the neighborhood that I’m 90% related to and where I still have life long friends who are just goofy enough to have some teenage fun at a silver mercedes expense.

Of.. forgot to mention that, did I? While I’m driving around in a phantom sports car, she’s driving around in a silver Mercedes.

And wants to get rid of her kids as soon as she has them for more then 15 minutes. That’s when she wants to take them, mind you…. Haley’s Comet comes around faster then that!

Let’s see what else… well, it looks like my old house may be sold. Keep your fingers crossed on that one. The issue with my Satanic Ex, his jail sentence, the mortgage, my bank no longer wanting me for a customer, restraining orders and all that nonsense is very entertaining but I’ll post that later when I have a huge cup of coffee, a full pack of cigarettes and no time constraint.

As far as the kids go…

Had an issue with Weed last weekend. It was his 19th birthday and him and his 153 friends crammed into his bedroom decided to sneak in the beer and whiskey the Mother-Of-The-Year mentioned above bought him in his window and they got trashed. Beyond trashed. Not to go into too much detail but Chief went off the deep end.. there was yelling, screaming, hollaring, punches, etc… add to that the fact that Weed has technically fluncked his senior year of high school so he’s home, without a job or idea on what is going on in his life and it makes some pretty interesting thoughts on my part. Also makes for some pretty interesting observations about Chief and how he handles things.

Don’t forget.. we’ve only been in a relationship for 7 months (yesterday) and have lived together for 4 of those months. But I’ll go into more about us in another post.

Bubba is doing just as bad in shool.. there was this whole issue about a science fair project that he had 2 months to do and waited until the last minute to even think about doing… I’ve been working with him, doing homework with him, etc. but I have absolutely no idea where this is all heading. Actually, I do.. and I feel like if I don’t intervene and do something to turn his attitude around, there’s going to be 2 kids living with us until we die.

Spaz is.. well.. Spaz is just like Ernie only without the tail and fur… he’s a handful, always yapping and getting pissed about something… compelled to rat Bubba out for anything and everything.. even if it’s imaginary… and really just doesn’t get it. He is a good kid though… they all are actually… but Spaz  has suffered the most and the longest with the whole mother situation so he’s a handful…

Anyway.. yea.. it’s time to go home now.. YEAH!!!