Day To Remember… Or Not Forget

Posted: February 6, 2008 in Old Blogs

… so on a day when I was feeling all girly and warm and fuzzy and completely in love, yknow my universe had to be tilted in enough of a way to forget where I was and bring me back to where I used to be.

Dealing with Satan is never easy. And no, I’m not referring to the one that used to be God’s angel… I’m talking about my ex.. and actually “SATAN” is too good a word for him.

Not to go into all the specifics.. I mean, why give them any more importance… but what he’s done in the last two weeks culminated in waking up on the day of our anniversary to an IED explosion exactly designed to hit where it would hurt the hardest.

I flipped the fuck out… Tim did, but not so much. He was my calm in the storm.. filled with positive objectives and reassurance. He got me through the day until the situation could be rectified and stood strong and was my rock.

He’s not so much into the 180 day.. 17 hours… 39 minutes.. 27 seconds… 20 nano-second girly thing.. but if he was, he couldn’t have acknowledged it any better then the way he handled the situation.

I love him… I do…

Right now, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been… there really isn’t anything else he could do to make me happier. He makes my heart overflow with his love and my sides split with laughter.

He’s one of a kind… and he’s mine…

You have no idea how blessed I a


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