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The Power Of Words

Posted: January 5, 2008 in Old Blogs

A’ight.. so it’s really no huge secret that my preferred mode of communication is writing. I mean.. DUH! You’re staring at your monitor reading this, right?

And yea.. yea.. yea… there are very few times when I’m at a loss for words or use a thousand of them  when only three or four are necessary when talking to someone but it’s part of my charm.. and I’m Italian, what can I say!

Thing is, when there something specific or something with special meaning that I want to convey I usually write a letter.

I’ve probably written Tim about a hundred of them so far :: and probably only gave him half, but that’s another story!! heh.. :: and I usually stick them on his computer so that he finds it and reads it when I’m asleep…

I can be such a girl sometimes!

Anyway.. to the point :: yea.. yea.. SHUDDUP!! ::

This morning he woke me up in my favorite way and we were just lazing around on the bedroom trying to rehydrate with caffeine and the news when he tells me that he wrote me a letter.. at first I’m like, “.. yea, right. Fucking tease me, balloon knot.”

But sure enough, on my end table, there was a three page letter.

Now you have to understand this about my guy.. he’s just as good with words as I am but he’s a guy. Enough said? No seriously. He tells me that he loves me all the time.. kisses me.. hugs me.. stares at me in a way that takes my breath away when I catch him.. but leaving notes and sending cards is, I admit, a chick thing so I don’t really expect replies to my emails or letters stuck on my end table.

BUT… when it happens?



What he left me this morning? Yea.. left me with the warm and fuzzy cheesy silly grin and all teary misty eyed.

Yknow.. sometimes all my battle wounds and scars become a wall of protection and defense. And even though it’s never fair to assume that the next is like the last, sometimes it’s a reflex and isn’t caught until it happens. So sometimes it’s hard for me to accept that he loves me as much as he says he does because sometimes I don’t really think that someone would… especially someone as phenom as him.

But after reading what he wrote.. and knowing that he can’t write more then three sentences :: let alone three pages :: without his hand cramping up because he’s a lefty :: freakin’ hot :: and has to make sure he presses through half the notebook when he writes..  I don’t think I’ll ever need to question his feelings for me again.

Dammit, I love him.

And the best coincidence?

Today marks the 5th month since we’ve been together. Doesn’t get to bang too much harder then that!


I Love My Life..

Posted: January 1, 2008 in Old Blogs

Yea.. I know…

Coming from me that’s kind of a first but y’know what? My life is really.. really.. REALLY good..

I’m living my dream with a man who loves me ALMOST as much as I love him.. everyday is a blessing and now? Yea.. I just can’t wait to get up in the morning and going to sleep next to him gives me nothing but peace.

I love you TimmieJimmie .. with everything I have and even a little bit more!