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Sometimes.. Just Sometimes

Posted: January 14, 2008 in Old Blogs

Yknow.. it’s hard sometimes for people to relate to certain things.

Take raw oysters for example. I just don’t get how people go gaga over something that feels like a snot ball in your mouth¬†:: shuddup!! ::

Or people live to get wasted. Don’t get it. It takes way too much effort to keep my mnd under wraps as it is.. imagine what it would take if my twist was chemically induced?

But in the immortal words of whomever, that’s why there’s chocolate and vanilla. OR that whole “poTAto” “PoTAHto” thing.

At any rate…sometimes, because people don’t always share or bare witness to what others to, things get said or deeds get done that may knock the order of the universe off kilter for awhile.

More times then not, it’s not done maliciously or with any kind of Dr. Evil intent. And sometimes what strikes the right cord a week ago, will stike a different one a week later.

It’s a tough situation, especially when hurt feelings get brought to the forefront and the person who progenerated the offense is left with shoulders hunched up… hands upturned.. and a “whaaaaaaa???” look on their face.

I will say this… for the most part whenever there is something that someone is uncomfortable with about themselves, they’ll strike the first blow for deflection. Sort of like the old “I’ll make fun of me before you do” kind of thing… which really just makes people think that they can roll along with it because they think you’re down with it.

Truth of the matter is… no matter how much someone laughs at themselves.. makes fun of themselves.. points out their flaws.. etc, it always stings when someone else says the same things..

Just something to think about from a mind that’s stuffed to the gills with Old Country Buffet’s meatloaf…

Which was actually really good.

Go figure.